Defend the Constitution against violent extremists and the Regressive Left.


Resist Marxism was founded in 2017 by Kyle Chapman (aka Based Stickman) in response to the growing threat posed to the Constitutional Republic by the Regressive Left. The election of Donald Trump signified a rejection of the Democratic Party’s enforced identity politics and political correctness. Immediately following, Marxist, “progressive”, and other left wing organizations began planning their “resistance” against the results of the democratic elections. During the inauguration, mass hysteria flooded the streets in an act of defiance known as “Disrupt J20”. Violent extremists such as ANTIFA and Black Bloc attempted to shut down the ceremonies by blocking traffic and performing acts of vandalism and property destruction.

In February 2017, professional provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos was invited to give a speech at UC Berkeley by the student Republican organization. Revolutionary Communist groups such as Refuse Fascism, ANTIFA and By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) organized with the intent of violently disrupting this event. Protesters attempted forced entry into the event building, burned and destroyed property, and brutally attacked innocent bystanders in the crowd. As a shot heard around the nation, it was clear that the First Amendment was under attack and that Patriots were being called to defend liberty. In the face of this ongoing threat towards conservatives and Trump supporters, the Free Speech movement was born.

Universities across the nation continue to silence those who don’t agree with the rise of Postmodernism in academia. Administrators are complicit with the student mobs who threaten and intimidate any group that violates the ever-changing dictates of political correctness. Universities have evolved from being bastions of intellectual diversity to authoritarian enforcers of social justice indoctrination. The mainstream media and the entertainment industry serve as the propaganda arm of the Regressive Left. Social media networks are censoring ideas under the auspices of fighting hate. Local governments are using bureaucratic means to actively suppress the First Amendment rights of those seeking to host patriotic and free speech rallies and events .

Resist Marxism calls on all Patriots who believe in the founding principles of the United States to unite under one banner. There are many organizations that already exist and have their own purpose.  However, we must work together to fight back against violent extremists and the regressive policies that threaten the individual liberties guaranteed by our Constitution.


We support the following principles and ideals:

Constitution: The Founding Fathers drafted this document as the supreme law of the land to be used in governing of the United States.  The rights of citizens are protected under the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution.  Further amendments were added to clarify and improve upon this document. For liberty to be preserved, it is incumbent upon federal and state governments to adhere to the Constitution and constrain their powers in accordance with the original intent of its authors.  

Declaration of Independence: The United States of America was rightfully established as a Constitutional Republic to be a free and independent society for American citizens and shall not be ruled by a tyrannical government. We affirm the principles enshrined by the Declaration of Independence that all individuals are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights to include life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

Capitalism: No other economic system has successfully created the amount of wealth and opportunity we have seen in capitalist nations. While no system is perfect, capitalism has stood the test of time by raising the poverty line and creating a higher standard of living for society. Sometimes government regulations of the market place are necessary, but before being adopted they should be carefully considered to ensure they don’t do more harm than good. 

American Nationalism: Americans of all backgrounds must unite under the principles of the Constitution and allegiance to the nation. American identity is defined by a common language and culture.  Immigrant citizens are free to express their native identity but must assimilate in order to maintain social cohesion. America has the right to self-determination in the political sphere and laws must put the interests of citizens first and ahead of international concerns. 

Science: The advancement of society is often characterized by establishing scientific standards to explain and make decisions about the world around us. Ideas that conflict with these standards should be thoroughly studied and peer reviewed before being accepted under the rule of law into society. 

Cultural Traditions: Nations have dominant cultures and traditions that have shaped their histories, institutions, and character. America’s institutions were shaped by Western culture and Christianity.  We must protect the rights of citizens to express their culture and traditions without intimidation or censorship in the name of inclusiveness. 

We oppose the following principles and tactics: 

Political Violence and Intimidation: Speech and debate is at the forefront of a free society and must be protected. Intimidation and violent acts towards political opponents is unacceptable and should not be tolerated. 

Open Borders: The foundations of a nation state are built around a stable economy and the safety of its citizens. Sensible immigration control is critical to securing these principles. As a sovereign nation, the United States has the right to determine who is eligibleto cross its borders in accordance with the interests and preferences of the citizens. 

Globalism: Global governance undermines national sovereignty and concentrates power within supranational bodies who aren’t answerable to those they govern. Globalism destroys culture and self-determination by encouraging open borders, mass immigration, welfare states, global currencies, and centralized world governments. We stand against all efforts to transfer power to global organizations and away from the citizens. 

Hate Speech Laws: All speech (except for specific threats of violence) is protected under the First Amendment. Hate speech laws are often unclear, applied inconsistently, and usually target unpopular opinions as opposed to providing free debate within the marketplace of ideas.  

Political Correctness: Policies intended to regulate speech and behavior to avoid offending groups continue to be used as a form of censorship. Political correctness limits conversation, free expression, and the exchange of ideas. Social values can only be improved with more speech, not censorship. 

Internet Censorship: Under the guise of battling “fake news” and “hate speech”, social media outlets and websites continue to censor opinions that they find unacceptable or controversial. Those silenced are usually expressing ideas that do not conform to the progressive or liberal agenda. 

Foreign Legal Systems: Any foreign legal system, including religious practices, that do not comport with the Constitution are not compatible within the United States. We oppose all efforts to import these legal frameworks into our courts and laws. 

Postmodernism: Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality are the foundations of Social Justice & 3rd Wave Feminism. While these theories claim to support equality, in reality they infringe upon the rights of others. Such theories often destroy the voice of the individual and promote collectivist thinking based on race, gender, or sexuality. Social Justice or Feminist advocates utilize sweeping generalizations, false facts, one sided opinions, and bullying tactics to silence the opposition and thus attempt to gain power in the modern world. They will often try to control and censor their own supporters to prevent the rise of dissidents. 

Identity Politics: Political decisions based on race, gender, or sexuality usually do not serve the best interests of their intended group and distort the ability to identify the real problems facing society. The validity of an argument often does not depend on the identity or life experience of the individual, but the facts surrounding the issue at hand.


The primary goal of Resist Marxism is to promote and gain support for our message and principles by hosting events to engage the public in discourse. The types of events include but are not limited to public rallies, debates, marches, and educational seminars. Resist Marxism hosts its own events as well as supports events hosted by other organizations. The organization also promotes its message through its website, social media, and other publications.

The secondary goal is to foster a network of groups and individuals who work together to resist the political influence of the Regressive Left. Most notably, Resist Marxism will defend free speech and assembly against government suppression and violent mobs.


Resist Marxism consists of a national organization, local chapters, and supporters.

National Organization

The national organization provides guidance and support to the local chapters and assists in coordinating activities between them.  It is responsible for setting the overall goals of the organization and maintaining the website.  The following positions are located within the national organization:

Executive Director – Leads the organization in all areas.  Provides oversight and sets strategic objectives.

National Coordinator –  Coordinates activities between the local chapters, recruits new chapters, and fosters cooperation with other organizations.

National Spokesperson – Promotes events to the public and represents the organization in the media.

Media Director – Responsible for maintaining and updating the website and social media.

Local Chapters

Local chapters operate with a high level of autonomy and are responsible for organizing their own events. They are free to set their own objectives and goals as long as they align with the principles of Resist Marxism.


Both the national organization and local chapters maintain a list of supporting organizations and individuals. Supporters are not officially members but have asked to be notified about events.  Supporters will be recruited at events and through the website and social media.

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Defend the Constitution against violent extremists and the regressive left.