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The “Rally for the Republic” was a patriotic themed rally that took place on November 18th, 2017 in Boston, Massachusetts. The rally was sponsored by Resist Marxism in association with Boston Free Speech and several patriotic organizations. Its purpose was to advocate for freedom of speech, support the Constitution, honor the veterans who have sacrificed for our freedom, and to celebrate our love for America.

The “Rally for the Republic” was conducted in part as a response to the events that occurred on August 19th during the Boston Free Speech Rally. In the days preceding that rally Mayor Marty Walsh and and officials in his administration slandered the organizers from the Boston Free Speech group by claiming that they had an association with neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other unsavory groups. The police, under the mayor’s direction, prevented both the public and the media from entering the area around the Parkman Bandstand where the rally was scheduled to take place. They also enforced conditions on the few people that were able to get into the rally such as not letting them have flags, signs, and protective gear. No such conditions were enforced upon the counter protesters. The mobs blocked the entrances set up around the bandstand and assaulted people who were attempting to come to the rally. The people at the bandstand had to be evacuated as counter-protestors threatened violence, fought with police, and threw urine filled bottles.

Resist Marxism applied for a permit to hold a rally at the Parkman Bandstand with the Department of Parks and Recreation. The date of November 18th was chosen because it was one of the few Saturdays in the fall that wasn’t already booked. The department stalled the permit process and led the organizers to believe that they would issue a permit for November 18th. The city met with representatives from Resist Marxism on several occasions before finally sending a rejection letter 38 days after the application was submitted. According to the department’s own policy, they have 10 business days to issue a decision. The city attempted to use a scheduled road race as an excuse for denying the permit even though the rally was for a different area on the Common and Resist Marxism moved the start time to begin after the race. In spite of the city’s obstinacy, Resist Marxism decided to proceed with the rally. A few days before the day of the rally the city called to inform Resist Marxism that they were making arrangements for the rally. The event took place without interfering with the road race and with adequate city resources. It is obvious that the permit denial was for reasons other than stated by the Department of Parks and Recreation.

The rally took place in the face of hostility from Mayor Marty Walsh’s administration and under threats from violent Marxist groups such as Antifa. Despite all obstacles, Resist Marxism and fellow patriots were successful in defending free speech and the 1st amendment rights of patriotic Americans in Boston. Resist Marxism is in the process of working with other patriotic organizations to plan future rallies in Boston and other cities. Mayors and the fascist mobs who threaten our rights will not stop us and freedom of speech will prevail.

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November 14th Press Conference Transcript



Below are links to news articles and reports dating before and after the rally. Several of these are biased against Resist Marxism and in some cases outright lies are reported as facts. These articles and reports are included so that those interested in learning more can judge for themselves.

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Rally for the Republic - Media - Before

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