The Second Boston Free Speech Rally occurred on August 19th, 2017.  The events of that day are a perfect example of why an organization such as Resist Marxism is necessary.  Mayor Marty Walsh’s lies preceding the rally triggered 40k people to show up and oppose it.  The city manipulated events so that the rally could not take place by refusing to let media and the public into the event and only enforcing the agreed upon rules on the side of the rally and not on the side of the mob.  At the same time ANTIFA, the black block, BLM, and other Marxist oriented organizations showed up in force, violently attacked those trying to get into the rally, and posed such a threat that those at the rally needed to be evacuated under armed escort.  Here is an eye witness account from that day:

“I arrived at the common with a small group of people. The counter-protesters had not yet amassed. As we tried to enter the rally we were told by the police that only a small security detail would be let in at that time. Due to having previously met one of the organizers, I and one other were brought in to act as escorts. After about 50 people had entered the rally site very few others were allowed in.

We were given conflicting messages. At one point we were told only people who we could personally identify would be allowed in. The police would not commit to which gate would be used. Finally the commies blockaded all of the gates and the police said they could not let anyone else in. There were many patriots, possibly hundreds, who could not get into the rally. Some were turned away and sent into the crowd to be violently attacked. We received reports that patriots were being punched in the face and had their clothing, flags, and signs torn.

Everyone entering the rally was searched while the commies were not. The commies were also allowed to carry flag poles which the city had stated were prohibited. As the crowd continued to build they called us Nazis, white supremacists, etc. It didn’t matter that at least 10 of the people inside the rally were obviously not white and we carried American flags.

It took a long time before it became obvious that no one else would be allowed in. At that point everyone gathered in the bandstand and the speeches began although the audience was small and most of the people who wanted to attend could not get in. After a few speeches we received the message that the angry mob was attempting to overrun the barriers and attack us.

We were quickly evacuated from the bandstand and led out to the street. At that point the commies ran towards our exit and began making threats against our lives. The police also pulled others into their cordon who were being threatened by the crowd. This included a person with a Bernie shirt and sign advocating for universal health care. He told us that when he tried to defend free speech the mob threatened him.

As the mob continued to grow we were crowded into armored cars to be evacuated. We could not see outside but it was obvious the crowd was attempting to block the vehicles from exiting. After what seemed a long time we finally made it to the street and were dropped off at a location far away from the rally.”

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