Rally for the Republic

!!! Calling patriots across America to the Boston Common on November 18th in support of the Rally for the Republic !!!

Rally for the Republic – Freedom of Speech Returns to Boston

Boston Common – Parkman Bandstand

November 18th, 2017

Time will be published soon

  • Defend Freedom of Speech
  • Support the Constitution
  • Stand for the nation’s flag
  • Honor the veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to the nation

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Resist Marxism is proud to announce the “Rally for the Republic” to be held on the Boston Common on November 18th, 2017.  We ask patriots from across the nation to stand with us and defend freedom of speech in Boston from the machinations of Mayor Marty Walsh and the violence of the mobs.  We will not allow them to curtail our 1st amendment rights.  If patriots will not defend freedom of speech then it will be lost.  Please check back frequently for more information including details about the rally.

See below for more information about the rally.  If you have any questions that are not answered below or are a member of the media please email: admin@r4tr.org

 What is the Rally for the Republic?

The Rally for the Republic is a patriotic themed rally to defend free speech in Boston, support the Constitution, stand for the nation’s flag, and honor the veterans who gave their lives in service to the nation.  It will be held on the Boston Common on November 18th 2017 in or around the Parkman Bandstand.

Why is the rally taking place?

The purpose of this rally is to defend the republic and reclaim free speech in Boston.  Freedom of speech is under attack by local governments and violent groups such as ANTIFA.  The nation’s flag is being disrespected by athletes, celebrities, and politicians.  The Constitution is under attack and Marxists are openly proclaiming a revolution.  The sacrifices of veterans who died to protect our freedoms are forgotten.  It is time to reclaim our nation and what better place to do this than in the city where the American Revolution began.

What happened during the last rally?

The events that occurred during the rally on August 19th illustrated that the administration of Mayor Marty Walsh and violent Marxist oriented groups such as ANTIFA do not respect the 1st amendment rights of patriotic Americans.  The mayor slandered the organizers from the Boston Free Speech group by claiming that they had an association with neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other unsavory groups.  The police under the mayor’s direction prevented both the public and the media from entering the rally .  They also enforced conditions on the few people that were able to get into the rally such as not letting them have flags, signs, and protective gear.  No such conditions were enforced upon the counter protesters.  The violent mobs blocked the entrance to the rally and attacked people who wanted to participate.  See the blog post and videos linked below.

Blog Post about the Second Boston Free Speech Rally

An example of counter protestor violence

We WILL defend freedom of speech and the right to peaceably assemble in Boston from the mayor and the violent mobs.  They will not silence us.

Who is organizing the rally?

The rally is being organized by Resist Marxism in association with many other patriotic organizations and veterans groups.  Boston Free Speech has agreed to lend their expertise and publish information about the rally.  Groups such as 3 percenters, Oath Keepers, Proud Boys and militias from across the state, region, and nation are participating.  These groups will be there to provide security and protect the public from communist agitators.

How is the rally related to the Boston Free Speech rallies earlier in the year?

While this rally is not being organized by Boston Free Speech, they are one of the co-sponsors.  Some of those that organized the other rallies are also part of Resist Marxism and are assisting in organizing the Rally for the Republic.  Due to the extreme threats to freedom of speech from Mayor Marty Walsh and violent Marxist groups, we all realize that we must work together to defeat them and reclaim our rights in Boston.  Therefore several patriotic organizations have come together to defend free speech in Boston.  Let’s show those who would suppress free speech that we will not capitulate.

Is there a permit for the rally?

Unfortunately we do not have a permit at this time.  We applied for a permit on September 18th with Boston Parks and Recreation.  According to their own policies the department has 10 days to approve or deny the permit.  Also, the website at the time indicated that the bandstand was available for the day and time of the permit application.  Despite repeated attempts to contact them, the department took more than 10 days to respond.  When they finally responded they insisted on changing the date to Sunday the 19th and cited a supposed conflict.  We checked with the organizers of the other event and confirmed that their plans were for a different time and location on the common and there would be no conflict.  We are still waiting for the city to respond.

Due to the city’s antics with the permit during the 2nd Boston Free Speech rally and their evident unwillingness to work with us to secure a permit this time, we have decided to move forward without one.  We will most likely be pursuing legal actions at some point against the city of Boston but they are unlikely to be concluded in time for the rally.

Despite the lack of a permit, one is not required to hold a rally on Boston Common.  We are within our Constitutional rights to host a rally without a permit.   At the last rally restrictions that were agreed upon were interpreted in a manor which was used by the city to keep out supporters and reporters and prevent our message from getting out.  Therefore, this time we do not believe that we should be required to abide by any additional rules beyond existing law, especially if those same rules are not going to be enforced upon the opposition as well.   If you would like to assist us in our efforts, feel free to contact Boston Parks and Recreation and tell them to approve a permit for the Rally for the Republic on November 18th.  Their phone number is 617-635-450 and their email is parks@boston.gov.

Permit Application

Why are there no speakers listed?

The original intent of the organizers was to have several people speak at the rally.  However, when the city did not approve the permit we determined that inviting speakers would not be prudent because we could not guarantee that the necessary arrangements would be put in place.  It was decided that speakers are not needed to accomplish the rally’s goals.  We will come together and celebrate America, the Constitution, and freedom speech.

Is there a strategy for defending free speech in Boston?

YES!  Resist Marxism, Boston Free Speech, and the other organizations involved are all committed to reclaiming free speech in Boston.  It is unfortunate that freedom is no longer respected in the city where the American revolution began.  The Rally for the Republic is just the first step in reasserting our free speech rights in Boston.  More rallies are being planned and in the future engaging speakers will be invited to Boston to speak on the Common.  However, we must be successful now in order for free speech to be respected in the future.  When the mayor and mobs see that we can not be deterred they will be forced to accept that the 1st amendment applies in Boston.

Who should attend the rally?

We ask all patriotic Americans in Boston, Massachusetts, and points beyond to stand with us in support of free speech, the Constitution, and the republic.  Threats to our first amendment and other rights are now under attack by local governments such as the administration of Mayor Marty Walsh and violent Marxist oriented organizations such as ANTIFA.  If you are a patriotic American and support the republic then please come and join us.  Let’s show them that we will defend our rights.

Will ANTIFA and other violent Marxist groups be there?

While we can’t say how many violent Marxists will show up to counter the rally, recent history suggests that they will be there.  The rally is a public event and will be widely publicized.  ANTIFA and other similar groups may attempt to  thwart our 1st amendment rights and prevent the rally from taking place.  WE WON’T LET THEM!

Although any attempt to reason with the violent communists is almost certain to fail, we will try anyway.  This message is for ANTIFA and other like minded organizations:

We ask that you let us demonstrate and exercise our 1st amendment right to peaceably assemble.  We are not interested in fighting with you and we do not desire to engage you in dialog or violence.  If you must counter protest then we ask that you stand away from our rally so that we do not have to interact.  That being said, you should note that this rally is being aggressively defended by patriotic organizations. If you attempt to use violence against our staff or the public who come to demonstrate with us then we will use force to repel you.

We also call upon the city and the Boston Police Department to defend the rally and the public from those who would attempt to do us harm.  We are prepared to defend ourselves but prefer that the legal authorities protect the public so that we will not be forced to do it.

Are media organizations welcome?

YES!  Despite what was claimed, it was the city that prevented the media from entering the last rally and not the organizers.  We invite and want all media organizations to attend the rally and report on events.  If your organization plans on reporting from the rally we would appreciate being informed prior to November 18th so that we can make arrangements.  Email at us at admin@r4tr.org with your contact details.  We would also be happy to respond to any requests for information and provide phone interviews if appropriate.

What flags, banners, and signs are authorized to bring to the rally?

This is a patriotic oriented rally in support of free speech and the Constitution.  Therefore please keep this in mind when deciding what flags, banners, and signs to bring.  It is impossible to list every possible symbol and message that fits this theme.  However, we reserve the right to determine if a flag, banner, sign, or symbol does not conform to our message during the rally.  We ask that signs not contain profanity and that symbols associated with extremist groups not be used.  If we ask you to remove an item or leave please respect our right to do so.

American, Gadsden, POW, state, veterans, Armed Forces, 3 Percenter, Oath Keepers, Proud Boys and patriotic flags are all authorized.  MAGA and Trump gear are also authorized.

Is there a law against wearing masks at the rally?

In short, YES!

Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 268 Section 34. Whoever disguises himself with intent to obstruct the due execution of the law, or to intimidate, hinder or interrupt an officer or other person in the lawful performance of his duty, or in the exercise of his rights under the constitution or laws of the commonwealth, whether such intent is effected or not, shall be punished by a fine of not more than five hundred dollars or by imprisonment for not more than one year and may if imprisoned also be bound to good behavior for one year after the expiration of such imprisonment.

The violent Marxist oriented groups such as ANTIFA disguise themselves in order to intimidate, hinder, and interrupt people exercising their 1st amendment rights.  ANTIFA hide their faces because they have malicious intentions, violate the law, and therefore have a need to not be identified.  We call upon Mayor Marty Walsh and the BPD to enforce this law in Boston.  While we will not attempt to enforce the anti-masking law, we do ask that those who come and stand with us not wear masks.  We are patriotic Americans with noble intentions and therefore have no reason to disguise ourselves.

What should I bring to the rally?

We will have a security detail in place to deal with any threats.  However, if you feel the need to bring protection for your eyes, head, and body then you should do so.  You will also be permitted to bring shields.  Don’t forget to bring your patriotic flags and signs.

Are firearms permitted at the rally?

We strongly support the 2nd amendment and the right to bear arms.  That being said, we believe that bringing a firearm to a rally is asking for trouble.  If you can legally carry a firearm then we won’t attempt to interfere with your rights.  However, we ask that you don’t bring firearms to the event.